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Biebs in Trouble With The PoPo

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is infuriating his neighbors with his driving. He may be a big star, but all his neighborhood wants him to do is slow down. Late Monday evening the police visited Bieber’s home in response to many calls about his reckless driving.

All the evidence that was disclosed is that the cops stopped at Biebers home, we were released nothing else about any charges against him.


Cat Bearding?!

The internets newest meme! Haha taking pictures with you cats or dogs and making it look like a beard! Try it and comment your own pictures!CatDog

Here’s Some pictures of Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy since last time we checked in with her:Kim k2kim k3Kim k

amandaamanda 2amanda 3We all know Amanda Bynes has been a bit off the last month or two, tweeting odd things such as herself nearly naked, and wearing things she doesnt normally wear. But this is just simply unlike her at all. Bynes was arrested after there was a call into the police stating that she was seen smoking pot in the lobby. When the police arrived Bynes was already in the comfort of her apartment. But, when they knocked on her door she ran and chucked the bong she had. Bynes i was arrested for reckless endangerment, tampering with evidence, and illegal possession of marijuana. She was sent to a psychiatric hospital last night. She will see a Judge this morning(Friday) to find out her fate.

Internet Hoax!

eminemA new day means another “death” of a celebrity. Some people seem to have too much tie on their hands if this is what they chose to do with their time. This time the hoax was over Facebook. A picture of a man getting shanked(supposedly the famous rapper Eminem) was posted saying, “Left nearly DEAD after being stabbed 4 times in NYC!!” So to clear everything up, no Eminem is not dead, nor was his life threatened (That we know of).

The Purge Movie

Take a look! This looks awesome!

Iron Man 3


Iron Man

Watch this trailer for the new movie Iron Man 3!


Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato found out who her real friends were after returning from rehab. During an interview Lovato stated that a lot of people she had considered close friends, had hardly reached out to her at all during her 3 month stay. At her birthday party a few months prior to going to rehab Lovato had hundreds of people show up. She also stated, “When I turned my phone on after being in rehab for three months, I expected lots of text messages and phone calls. I had four texts. That was a wake-up call.” This came as a real shock to the singer, but she is turning it around into a positive, shes tightening her group of friends and sticking with the ones she knew would always be by her side.


The list of Jason Collins‘ supporters just continues to grow. He, being the first active player of a major sports team was the first man to come out. He has received much respect nationally for doing so. Kobe Bryant was quoted saying, “Collins has paved the way for other gay athletes to be open about their sexuality.” It took a tremendous deal of courage for Collins to do this, but in my opinion I do not understand how he is praised for being gay, while Tim Tebow is bashed by many people about being a Christian. Comment your thoughts.


Tim McGraw collaborated with Taylor Swift and Keith Urban in his latest song “Highway don’t care.” “I knew I wanted Taylor to sing that part because it just fit perfectly,” McGraw says of Swift, who sings the voice of someone playing on the radio. “I wanted to do a song with Taylor for a long time.” McGraw films his part of the music video “on a lonely road outside of Nashville” on a cold, foggy morning by a river. “I just think it’s the perfect setting for this song,” he said. “It casts a really good mood for what we’re doing.” Keith Urban is also featured in the video playing guitar. Personaly I would have chosen a different female to sing Taylors part, but that’s just because I don’t like her. Tim said she did an amazing job. McGraw will unveil the entire “Highway Don’t Care” video on Monday during a premiere event with Google+Hangout.

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